Outdoor P10 Red (SMD)

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  • Outdoor P10 Red (SMD)

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  • Constant current drive products with stable performance and low failure rate
  • The quality of the lamps and lamps that have been verified by the severe reliability test is stable and guaranteed
  • Adopting scientific circuit design independently developed, the internal loss of the line is small
  • Effectively reduce the operating temperature of the product
Items Outdoor SMD P10 (1R)
Driving Mode 1/4 scan
Module structure Combined diver board
Pixel Pitch(mm) 10
Module Resolution 32*16
Module Size (mm) 320*160
Pixel Density 10000
Brightness(cd/m^2) ≥1000
Module Weight(Kg) 0.27kg
Max Current(A) ≤3.5A
Screen Power Consumption(W/M^2) ≤308W
Optimum Viewing Distance(m) ≥10
LED Encapsulation SMD2835
Driving IC Constant Current Driving  IC
Refresh Rate(Hz) ≥480
Attenuation       (working 3 years) ≤15%
MTBF ≥10000 hours
Defective Rate <0.0003, it's 0 before delivery
Optimum Viewing Angle(°) Horizontal:140°,Vertical :130°
Gray Scale(Bit) 8