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Applications: Advertising media, government and enterprise projects, cultural tourism, sports venues, image publicity, commercial real estate
    and other fields.

Display: Small pitch and closer viewing distance. the use of high-quality three SMD lamps, the horizontal and vertical angle of 130 degrees,
    light mixing uniformity, color matching degree is high, good consistency, clearer display true, fully meet the needs of outdoor display

Energy consumption: Using 4.5 switching power supply, saving 10% of power consumption. Actively respond to the national energy
    conservation and emission reduction policies

The mask has been designed with precision calculation of the striped fabric, which greatly reduces the light emission caused by the ambient
    light reflection problem The bottom shell adopts the stiffener design of the proposed engineering mechanics to enhance the load-bearing
    capacity and improve the overall flatness of the product thus making outdoor Q series product free of limitation of displaying square.

Protection: The front side uses dedicated thermal potting silicone, the back side protected with  three anti-paint protection, making it double
    waterproof protected resulting in more  better weather protection  and faster heat-cooling. Unique drainage hole design, reduces the steel
    structure defects caused seepage of water into the module breakage caused by structure thus improving the module's protective capabilities  
    and prolonging its lifespan.

Use:compared to the other outdoor direct color products, outdoor Q series products are more lightweight and easy for assembly,
    transportation and maintenance thus bringing  convenience and  time-saving.