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Product parameters

  • Outdoor S5 Pro

  • Feature
  • Parameter
  • Structure
  • Case
  • * Reliable, stable and guaranteed with gold wire tube
  • * Using PWM driver chip, 4k refresh rate. Taking pictures of waterless ripples
  • * PWM-SS dual energy-saving driver IC supports 4V low-voltage startup, double energy saving and more power saving
  • * Viewing angle ≥140° Multi-directional viewing is always the same
  • * High-quality silicone, waterproof, moisture-proof, fast heat dissipation, super weather resistant, long life
  • * With perfect drainage holes and reinforced rib design for engineering and engineering mechanics, the bottom case is thick and easy to make a large screen.
  • * High-end products, more widely used
Usually used in conference video centers, information centers, demonstration centers and studios, indoor halls, TV studios, exhibition halls, theater government department,conference rooms , entertainment venues, schools, hospitals, performing arts centers, etc,