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Product parameters

  • Indoor KL2.0 LED Poster Display

    686*1766*45mm or 694*1875*45mm
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  • KL Series
  • ●Customizable border color, sleek and simple, beautifully shape.
  • ●Support mobile phone APP and computer client control, easy to operate, user-friendly.
  • ●Support video, picture, text and other playback, plug and play.
  • ● Easy to transfer files via WIFI and USB2.0
KL  Series KL2.0
Pixel Pitch(mm) 2
Configuration 1R1G1B
Pixel Density 256000 Dots/set
Module Quanity(L*W) 4*5
Resolution 320*800
Cabinet Size(W*H*D) 686*1766*45 mm(Diagonal support)  694*1875*45(seat installation)
Display Size(W*H) 640*1600 mm
Cabinet Weight(KG) 32(Diagonal support) 、52(seat installation)
Brightness uniformity ≥95%
Frame change frequency ≥60
Cabinet Flatness(mm/sqm) <1
Max Current(A) ≤5.2 A
Max Consumption (W/piece) 585
Refresh Rate(Hz) ≥3840
Brigtness(CD/㎡) ≥500
Contrast nearly 5000:1
Power Requirements AC 220V
Display mode Asynchronous
Optimum Viewing Angle(°) Horizontal:140°, Vertial :130°
Gray Scale(Bit) 14-16
Power supply requirements Standard:AC200V,Customized:110V
Control mode net/WIFI
Operating temperature Both the lamp surface and the IC are ≤60°
Ambient temperature and humidity Ambient temperature:—20℃-40℃;Ambien humidity:10%-65%RH