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  • QM2

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  • ✦Really complete front maintenance, no need to reserve maintenance access, save space 70%
  • ✦Support customized system card, power dual backup
  • ✦The box and unit board adopt separate structure design, which can be installed separately and quickly realize seamless splicing.
  • ✦Upgrade only needs to change the unit board, without changing the box and structure, it is easy and convenient
MG Series QM2
Pixel Pitch(mm) 1.86 2(1/40) 2.5 3.076 4
Configuration 1R1G1B
Module Quanity(L*W) 2*3
Cabinet Size(W*H*D) 640mm*480mm*85mm(contain module、Connecting piece )
Cabinet Area(sqm) 0.307
Cabinet Weight(KG) 7.85
Cabinet Flatness(mm/sqm) <0.65
Cabinet Power Configuration 4.5V 50A
Use environment INDOOR
Contrast nearly 5000:1
Optimum Viewing Angle(°) Horizontal:140°, Vertial :130°
Gray Scale(Bit) 14-16 13