Outdoor P8 LED Display Module

Short Description:

Main Specification
Pixel Pitch: 8 mm
Module Size: 320*160 mm
Resolution: 40*20dots
LED: SMD3535
Brightness: ≥4200nits
Max Current: ≤9.85 A
Pixel Density: 15625dots/㎡
Refresh Rate: ≥960Hz
Port: HUB75

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Remarks & Key Precautions

1.Outdoor Q8-E is popular outdoor products, we suggest to go with 960*960 outdoor iron cabinet.
2.All outdoor Q-E modules use HUB75
3.Temperature requirement:

  • 1) Storage temperature range: -10 ° C – 30 ° C, over 30 ° C needs to do cooling treatment.
  • 2) Lamp surface temperature (working time): ≤85°C, temperature control equipment is required to be installed when temperature exceeding the standard

4.Metal components of the screen, the shell of power supply and the cabinet should be grounded well, and the grounding resistance should be less than 10Ω. Prevent electrostatic damage to electronic devices in humid environment, while avoiding electric leakage to harm human body.
5.It’s not recommended that customer install module in outdoor environment with magnetic method. For it will cause the following hazards:

  • Rain or snow can enter from the screen front side to the screen back side, it may cause the electronic components, system card, power supply and cables be corroded and lose efficacy.
  • The magnetic installation method cannot guarantee the flatness and the performance of the LED screen.
  • Module is likely to deform under extremely cold weather.

6. The module cannot be directly connected to 220V, and the module’s positive and negative poles connection must be right.
7.When the display screen is not in use for a long time, it is necessary to reduce the brightness of the whole screen by 50% in advance and play it for 12 hours, and preheat it for “dehumidification” 12H to avoid damaging the light tube after the LED screen is damped.
8. Before the maintenance of the display, it is necessary to turn off the main power of the screen before the operation.



Q8-E, Real estate sales center, 250sqm

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