Outdoor P10 SMD Red Single Color Module

Short Description:

Product Features

Customized SMD2835H LED lamp, thick bottom shell, high brightness, soft display.

Full resin potting in LED lamp, waterproof, moisture-proof and fast heat dissipation.

PCB flame retardant grade V0, reliable and guaranteed

Customization driver IC, simple layout, good stability, easy maintenance

Lower working temperature, safer application and longer life.

Product Detail

Product Tags

Product Application

Airport for flight notification, station, bank, dock, buses,government agency, talent market, school, theater, entertainment venues and so on.

Product Specification

Item Outdoor  single colour
P10(SMD single red)
Scanning Mode 1/4 scan
Driving IC Constant current drive IC
Pixel pitch(mm) 10
Module Resolution(Dots) 32*16
Pixel Density(Dots/m²) 10000
Module Size(mm) 320*160
*Brightness(cd/m2) ≥1000
•Max Current(W/m²) ≤308
Optimum Viewing  Distance(m) ≥10
*LED encapsulation SMD2835H
Starting voltage(V) ≥4.5
*Refresh Rate(Hz) ≥480
*Optimum Viewing Horizontal:140;
*Gary scale (Bit) 8

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