Outdoor P10 Gold Wire High Refresh Rate LED Display Module

Short Description:

Main Specification
Pixel Pitch: 10mm
Module Size: 320*160mm
Resolution: 32*16dots
LED: SMD3535(gold wire)
Brightness: ≥6500nits
Max Current: ≤9.75 A
Pixel Density: 10000dots/㎡
Refresh Rate: ≥3840Hz
Port: HUB75

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Remarks & Key Precautions

1.Outdoor S10 can go with 960*960 outdoor MG cabinet.
2.All outdoor S series modules use HUB75

7.Do not throw, push, squeeze or press the module, avoid damaging the display screen.
8.Screen brightness: adjust the screen to full brightness, adjust the brightness in the test software to 80% on the computer, and use a light gun to measure the brightness of the screen within 10 minutes.
9.In order to ensure the service life of the LED, please do not display only static images or static texts for a long time, which may cause serious attenuation of the lamp brightness or cause batch dead lights. Please play scrolling images or texts.


S10, Highway Double Sided Billboard, 120sqm

S10, Highway Double Sided Billboard, 120sqm


S10, Hotel Video Wall, 60sqm

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