Qiangli Jucai Optoelectronic Industry Park Under Construction

Date: 2018-01-24
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Just at the very beginning of 2018, Qiangli Jucai has shocked the industry by a series of remarkable events. Event comes one after another. In recent days, Qiangli Jucai has invested billions to build a world-class LED Optoelectronic Industry Park, which is now under full scale construction. We are aiming to build a global leading LED optoelectronic research and manufacturing base. After finishing all construction, this base annual output value will be over 10 billion RMB.


After 14 years of rapid development, Qiangli Jucai has experienced comprehensive explosion of the market. Domestic orders come in an endless stream, and overseas market is also extremely hot. The scale of the workshop has been expanded several times. However, production capacity still can’t meet market demands. So it is quite urgent for us to build a world-class LED Optoelectronic Industry Park.



This industry park is highly valued by Fujian provincial government, Xiamen municipal government and Torch High-tech Zone. It is  listed in province’s key projects, and has been given strong support to accelerate the implementation. At the same time, Qiangli Jucai also spend large amount of money to work with famous design institute in domestic electronic industry and international famous architects to design, so as to provide customers with richer and excellent experience in optoelectronic products.



The optoelectronic industry park is located in Xiamen Torch Hi-tech Zone (Xiang' an) industry area. It is at the forefront of the Western Taiwan Straits Economic Zone (WTSEZ), and also occupies the central area of the "golden triangle" in Southern Fujian. With extremely convenient transportation and advantageous geographical position, this optoelectronic industry park can radiate the whole country, and can also connect the whole world.



Park construction is now in full swing. Total area of this park is 150000 square meters (37 acres), it will be an integrated high end industry park, and in this park, there will be integrated industrial plant, national level technology center, national main laboratory, LED optoelectronic industrialization base, integrated office building and marketing company.



After the full completion of this park, the Qiangli Jucai LED Optoelectronic Industry Park will become international leading LED optoelectronic innovation research and development, and manufacturing base. The first-class R&D team will focus on the research and industrialization of advanced technologies such as small pixel pitch LED display, new display, new materials, LED green environment protection, intelligent human-computer interaction, multi-screen interaction and intelligent broadcast control, and will lead China's LED optoelectronic products to compete for the world brand constantly! Meantime, Qiangli Jucai LED Display Industrial Park will massively use international sophisticated production equipment, and build a modern intelligent manufacturing workshop in an all-round way, constantly improve production efficiency. The annual capacity of this park will break through 10 billion, so as to meet demands around the world.



Hi-tech buildings stand shoulders by shoulders in this brand-new Qiangli Jucai LED Display Industrial Park. A large production base locates in the rear, whereas a comprehensive service area with integrated office building, residency area, leisure & entertainment center and so on are sat in the front. In line with the philosophy of "Creating Value, People Oriented", Qiangli Jucai Optoelectronic Industry Park will equipwith high-end living facilities such as restaurant, dormitory and entertainment center to create comfortable and cozy living space for Qiangli Jucai staff. Few courtyard gardens and aerial connecting bridges are designed to beautify the environment of the park. With natural botanical decoration, a harmonious industrial community picture is designed and constructed.



To create a great world class company, Qiangli Jucai has been always on the way! As creator of big size intelligent commercial display, we are pushing forward industry revolutionary overwhelmingly, and actively promoting small module for grand display, and also lead the industry to redefine new standards of an LED Display. We are striving to build a world brand that is independently developed and produced by Qiangli people, and also dedicating to provide more customers better and excellent experience in optoelectronic products, so as to bring brightness and prosperity to every corner of the world!