It Is Said That Struggling Makes Us More Beautiful

Date: 2018-01-09
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It Is Said That Struggling Makes Us More Beautiful!

Since Qiangli Jucai MGLED was launched in August 2017, it has been rapidly overwhelming the whole country for its completed front maintenance, multi-purpose, applying magnesium alloy materials, and separate structural design. It has subverted traditional cabinet installation with its ultra-light weight and thin, sturdy material  high precision and so on. All these speed up the revolutionary change of HD (high density) cabinets.

In the process of becoming hot sell, the fighting story behind MGLED is also very impressive. In view of the shortcomings of traditional cabinets, Qiangli Jucai MGLED project team penetrated into the needs of customers,  proceeded and had a dig at independent research and development, they studied day and night to strive for breakthrough, made samples and did tests of products repeatedly, and  did comprehensive market and supply chain research all over China.  What’s more, our General Manager Mr. Xu Huineng participated and led the whole the project development  to born such perfect and revolutionary product – MGLED (Beauty).

To help customers say goodbye to the embarrassment of seeking survival in the fierce LED cabinet competition, Qiangli Jucai R&D team spending months in developing front-maintenance function of the cabinet, doing repetitive test and inspection regardless of rest, just to simplify front-maintenance operation and make it easier for customers to use.

To provide customers lighter and thinner cabinet, R&D team has been studying and comparing the physical properties of aluminum and magnesium alloys, evaluated nearly twenty suppliers with procurement team. In order to ensure that no oxidative discoloration occurs in the magnesium alloys material, R&D team also went and took part in supplier's sample cabinet fabrication.

To meet customers’ fast upgrading of modules, R&D team took root in the structural sample room for long time to observe and simulate assembly and disassembly of cabinets. After experimenting with DIY style design, they finally developed the multi-purpose cabinet.

Xu Huineng, the general manager listened to the customers’ voice together with team, demonstrated and presented MGLED to domestic and overseas distributors by himself whom listened carefully the valuable advices from market forefront persons and strived to upgrade MGLED’s functionality.


After a few months’ ceaseless struggle, MGLED busted out!  However, instead of promoting MGLED to the market at once, Qiangli Jucai inspect inspects MGLED’s effectiveness with its perfection altitude on product.  Qiangli Jucai installed one screen in  headquarter’s meeting room to check actual performance and product features in the prospective of customers to ensure that every customer can buy rest assured and use worry free.

The multifunctional MGLED cabinet has two models -- M1 and M2. Both of them can DIY at customers wishes. M1 cabinet is compatible with 320*160mm universal modules such as Q2Pro, Q1.83Pro, Q1.66Pro, Q1.53Pro and so on. M2 cabinet is compatible with 320*160mm universal modules such as Q2.5Pro, Q3.07Pro, Q2.5-E, Q3.07-E, Q4-E and so on. Since its debut, it has been extremely popular all over the country. Millions of MGLED cabinets have been used in many HD applications. Let’s check it out!


Hospital Lobby in Zhejiang Province

High-end Meeting Room in Fujian Province

Exhibition Hall in Tianjin

PLA Unit Command Center in Henan Province

Corporate Meeting Room in Shanxi Province



Besides, plenty of other projects are under installation and test, and will light up the whole nation soon!

In order to provide customers ultimate products and service experience, Qiangli Jucai is always on the way to pursue and supply good quality products with ceaseless struggling, which also makes itself more magnificent.