Creating Better Production Environment for Product Excellent Quality

Date: 2017-11-10
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Creating Better Production Environment for Product Excellent Quality

Recently, Qiangli Jucai Chairman Mr. Zhu Zhiqiang and General Manager Mr. Xu Huineng lead representatives of senior management to proceed the “White Glove” special activity, which is to inspect the production 6S management of work standardization and normalization in the workshop. 

Chairman Mr. Zhu & General Manager Mr. Xu Lead the Senior Management Team

In this “White Glove” special activity, Qiangli Jucai leaders wear white gloves before going to the workshops. They touch every machine, go to every corner, and after one round, the gloves are still clean. That means Qiangli Jucai production 6S management has upgraded into a new stage, and requirement of production environment in production management is more and more strict.

Production 6S management is a basic management tool to create a competitive enterprise and build a top quality staff team. Promoting 6S management, it can help enterprise make full use of workshop space, keep working environment clean, help to build staff good working habits. Besides, it can also improve and raise enterprise image, raise work efficiency and quality, ensure enterprise safety, lower down work cost, and then improve enterprise economic benefits, which plays an important role in the development of enterprise.

Good production 6S management is the guarantee of product excellent quality. Qiangli Jucai not only follows the 6S management standards, but also introduces international high-end equipment, such as Japanese SMT machine, American solder printing machine, German reflow soldering machine and so on to guarantee the product good performance and excellent quality.

At the same time, Qiangli Jucai also develops a strict and complete production line down standard. The whole production process is more than 10 steps, and every step has very clear production line down standard. Total standard of production line down is up to 135 items. The pursuit of excellent quality is to provide customers the best products.

From 6S management to product quality, it will not come true without the high quality Qiangli Jucai team. Qiangli Jucai staff combine the production 6S into their daily work. They are dedicated, careful, and enthusiastic. And through continuous learning, summarizing, improving, they also improve work quality. In their daily work, they can make site environment clean and tidy, and form good working habits.  IN this "White Glove" special action, Qiangli Jucai leaders are satisfied with the inspection result of production management and workshop environment, and also praise staff good quality performance.

Qiangli Jucai will continue to hold the business value of “Creating Value, People Oriented”, and based on the 6S management, standardize production management, make production lean, and so as to provide customers good quality products.


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