Qiangli Jucai Invite You to Join Us

Date: 2016-11-17
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With the sole purpose to spread the name of Qiangli and increase the international business, we plan to showcase our products in 16 exhibition shows around the world in 2016-2017.Our main showcase station in year 2016-2017 are:

1st Station: Sign &Graphic Imaging Dubai 2016

        Time: 2016.01.10-01.12


2nd Station: Integrated Systems Europe 2016

         Time: 2016.02.09-02.12


3rd Station: Guangzhou International Signs & Led Exhibition

        Time: 2016.02.24-02.27


Next Station: LED Expo Thailand2016

         Time: 2016.04.19-04.22

Next Station: LED Expo India2016

           Time: 2016.05.12-05.14


More Station: 2016.05.24-05.27

     Exhibition: KOBA Show 2016



     Qiangli Jucai is the leading LED display module manufacturer based in China. We are playing more and more important role in the led display field. We have more than 200 distributors and over 3000 construction contractor partners in China. Our customers and products cover every corner of the world. We are also helping our customers to grow up with us together. We are inviting our partners to join us in the exhibition show and help them expand the local market. Time for you to join the Leader.