Qiangli Jucai strategic cooperation with Shenzhen Vital New Material

Date: 2017-08-21
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Quality is the foundation of the brand, Qiangli Jucai is LED display well-known brand in the mind of  the end consumers thorugh its holding core manufacturing, independent research and development, stringent purchasing standard, intelligent manufacturing, strict quality control.
Recently, Xiamen Qiangli Jucai entered into a strategic cooperation with Shenzhen Vital New Material Company Limited. Qiangli Jucai will use with Shenzhen Vital New Material’s low temperature solder paste. With the introduction of new low emperature solder paste,Qiangli Jucai is committed to enhance the manufacturing process of LED display through the improvement soldering process and so as to bring better products to customers.


What is Vital low temperature solder paste?

Shenzhen Vital New Material Company Limited is the one of the largest integrated enterprise group engaged in the research, development, production, sale and service of electronic soldering materials. It is a  high-tech enterprises with nation rated engineering center in China. The new low temperature solder paste introduced from Vital is a name to distinguish from this industry’s traditional high temperature solder paste. Literally speaking, the difference between "high temperature" and "low temperature" is melting point. In general, the assembly temperature of high temperature solder paste is about dozens degree higher than low temperature solder paste. By using the Vital low temperature solder paste can greatly reduce the assembly temperature, and it is also a breakthrough to solve PCB board and LED lamp high temperature resistance problem. By adding elements to the solder, the sodering temperature is reduced and the anti-oxidation feature during soldering is also improved; meanwhile it can bring excellent soldering property, and matching with alloy system can reduce problems such as poor soldering, blank soldering, solder drop and so on.


Advantages of using low temperature solder paste

Compared with the common solder paste welding, by applying low temperature solder paste, working temperature of IC surface and LED lamp surface of module can be greatly reduced. Thus elctronical components and circuit boards are all protected. Especially, in the LED lamp inserting process, high temperature is a serious test for LED lamp airtightness and stabilty of LED lamp, for high temperature will damage LED airtightness, or the thermal expansion and contraction will also cause internal bonding wire disconnected, and then leads to LED dead. Eeven if the LED lamp can withstand the test of airtightness and stability test, the lamp phosphor will go bad because of the high temperature and thus increase the color temperature and attenuation, and reduce the life span of LED lamp.  


Low temperature solder paste welding process of Qiangli Jucai

The introduction of new material is a new breakthrough in improving the quality of LED display products.At same time , it also brings new task. Qiangli Jucai relies on its powerful R&D team and core manufacturing,has created a new type of low temperature solder paste welding process, which has solved a series of technical problems.Qiangli Jucai with industry-leading innovative technology, has created new type of low temperature solder paste sodering process which can realize both low temperature and reliability and thus results in improving the quality of products. Cooperation between Qiangli Jucai and Vital will be deepening, and will provide customers with the ultimate product and service experience.With holding quality and brand,Qiangli Jucai will deliver the goods, uphold the "Artisan spirit, Manufacturing quality" principle to promote the stable development of enterprises,to offer a humble effort for the industry.