Time for RED –Take 2

Date: 2017-07-12
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As a revolutionist and pioneer in Single RED color LED display industry, Qiangli Jucai has been worked towards making reliable products, localizing service, and striving to make the industry sustainable.
As a token of gratitude for all our customer support, we from July 12, 2017, will give to increasing our customer profit by the Reduction in the selling price of our P10 RED color SMD module series. 

P10 (SMD) RED Modules is the latest addition to the Qiangli Jucai outdoor LED displays module series. With a resolution of 10mm, the brightness of 1,500 Nit and rugged IP65 rating, the P10 (SMD) RED Modules is the perfect solution for outdoor text message applications.

Excellent image quality, wide viewing angles
Irrespective of which direction the sunshine falls on the screen, Optimal viewing conditions and best quality image are guaranteed with horizontally and vertically viewing angles of 130 degrees.

Rugged replaceable shaders
Shades on the new P10 (SMD) RED Modules are made from a new impact proof, the two-component material making them much more rugged and less prone to breakage.

Lowest weight in its class
weighing only 0.47 gm as compared to 0.7gm for DIP (320*160mm), P10 RED SMD is more than 36% lighter as compared to traditional DIP Module.

High brightness-Less Power consumption
The P10 (SMD) RED Modules delivers a brightness of 1,500 CD/M2 with maximum power consumption of only 262 Watt/sqm as compared to 300 Watt/sqm of DIP resulting in 15% power saving.

From the perspective of saving space, "Ultra-thin" is an important idea, Qiangli Jucai follows the trend of "Ultra-Thin" and develops the latest Ultra-thin SMD RED module, leading the LED display industry into the new era of thin LED modules.New SMD RED Module saves a lot of space when it is mounted on a wall, as the entire Module thickness is only 19.1 cm (33% less than traditional DIP module)

IP65 certified module enclosures
Qiangli Jucai new P10 (SMD) RED Modules are encased in rugged IP65 certified enclosures front, making them completely dust and weatherproof and ideal for repeated use in harsh outdoor environments.

Common HUB12 signal interface   
The SMD RED color Module uses common economical HUB12 signal interface resulting in cost saving for the customer.

For more information on the offer, Please contact your Regional Sales Manager as below, or write to us on sales@qiangliled.com
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