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Date: 2017-06-27
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Transferring price saving to clients

Good news, everyone! Thanks to the massive production and wholesale model, Qiangli Jucai has been able to transfer the profit with the best Quality, Value and Service to the market.  

As a revolutionist in LED display industry, Qiangli Jucai has never stopped to make good quality LED product and help changecustomer’s visual experience by bringing down its price, making product reliable, localizing service, and striving to make this industry sustainable.  As a token of gratitude for all our customer support, we from June 29, 2017, will contribute to increasing our customer profit by the reduction in the selling price of our S/Q/T (In Both Module and cabinet solutions) and single color modules series.


Qiangli Jucai path-breaking S High-End outdoor series come equipped with
♦  Reliable, stable and secure Nation star Gold wire /copper leg LED lamps
♦  ICN chipset to reduce Ghost Image, Double refresh rate and Increase Brightness by 6%.
♦  Special silicone material for better protection against rain and quick heat dissipation.
♦  Reduction in power consumption by 10% with Use of 4.5v SMPS

Qiangli Jucai path breaking S High-End Outdoor series started the trend of SMD Outdoor modules in the LED display market, which was till then ruled by DIP and thus totally revolutionized the outdoor full color LED display market.

Qiangli Jucai S High-End Outdoor series hot selling S6.66, S8 and S 10 modules especially designed for high-end installation in branding, DOOH Advertising, and retail applications are now available with an average price reduction of  4.5%.The specific price reduction for various S High-End Outdoor series model is below:



With features and material quality of S series, but with cost effective price, Qiangli Jucai Q Indoor /outdoor series with Kinglight LED lamps, ICN chipset is specially designed as a cost-effective solution for installation in retail, advertising, corporate venues.

The present time calls for high-resolution display and its Qiangli Jucai Endeavor to provide clients with high-end, high-resolution cost effective solutions. To make our clients experience the high-resolution era, we are offering a price reduction of more than 26% for our Q2 Modules, which come equipped with 2053 PWM IC for the high refresh rate of 3840Hz. Various other Q series is now available with an average price reduction of over 4%.The specific price reduction for  Q Indoor/Outdoor series model is below:                 



Qiangli JucaiT Die-cast Indoor /outdoor series is the pioneer series, which made the market to take a stand and  say NO to the  problem of water ripple, flickering and welcome world classcomfortable viewing experience series come equipped with following features: 

♦  High-end rigid, solid Die cast aluminum alloy material,with good heat dissipation
♦  Extremely light, weight is only 5.26Kg including module parts
♦  Magnetic absorption structure to realize quick disassembly and assembly of the unit plate and the back cover.
♦  No fan design, Quiet and noiseless.
♦  High-end  Nation star Gold wire /copper leg LED lamps
♦  High refresh rate PWMIC for a world classcomfortable viewing experience
T Series High-End, Ultra HD-LED displays not only suit the traditional LED indoor markets but can also be used for Control rooms and Boardroom. To make it more affordable, Qiangli Jucai is offering a flat price reduction of 5% on all available models in Pitch 1.58/1.66/1.92. The specific price reduction for T –High-end High-resolution are as below:


Time for standardization



At Qiangli Jucai our objective is to listen to customers and understand their needs,actively seek their point of view, ask questions, conduct surveys, and get a specific opinion. Based on the same opinion Qiangli Jucai launched the Standardized series in Indoor and outdoor. The standardized series is 500*500 and 500*1000mm cabinets were the result of listening to the client. The standardizes series come equipped with following features:
♦  Nation star Copper wire LED Lamps
♦  PWM IC to provide High-refresh rate  IC
♦  Light weight cabinet,weight is only 8.5Kg including module parts



Red- our roots

Qiangli Jucai pioneered Single Red color Module series, the product for which Qiangli Jucai is known for a long time which resulted in increasing sales and improve communication with the customer.

In 2009 Qiangli Jucai pioneer the red color revolution in LED industry. Available inmonochrome red for text-only displays, it’s designed for usage in providing information in the transport sector, financial sector and entertainment center. 
As a gratitude for making the product the highest selling product in the history of Qiangli Jucai, we are offering a price reduction of 9% for Red Color Module.
These better prices directly reflect Qiangli Jucai customer feedback. We pay great attention to your views and user experience. We want to thank you for your recommendations, trust and support. And we hope that all your LED display performance is Brilliant.

All the price reduction has been achieved through supply-chain optimization, we’re able to offer you the reduction in Module costs, without any drop in quality at all. You have our word on that.
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