Qiangliled Q2.5 with high refresh PWM IC, Blossom Vision in May at Sweet Price

Date: 2017-05-03
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Equipped with a high standard lamp, PWM IC which makes refresh rate higher than 3840 Hz and thus no video ripple during mobile shooting. The party time has begun for Qiangli Jucai Q2.5.

“What we recognize of course is this market is just starting, but it has a huge potential”

To fulfill this potential, we have a dream. The dream is to go away with opaque pricing and let the whole industry have price transparency for LED display. Therefore, we are willing to bear all the pressure, to bring transparency to the industry. This is the world trend, the trend of development.

Are you ready to bring home a piece of the industry's top configurations in form of Qiangli Jucai Q2.5. The offer is available to you at ---USD 1300 / Sqm(Exworks) for Di-casting cabinets.       

Yes you heard it right, the indoor HD Q2.5 with PWM LED IC to make refresh rate go above 3840Hz and thus no flickering during recording of video is available to you at only USD 1300 USD / Sqm (Exworks) for Di-casting cabinets. A square meter with a price of only USD 1300 USD / Sqm(Exworks) for Di-casting cabinets is equivalent to buying a single Macair .10 Sqm of Q2.5 can be made into a 320 inch display to provide you with beautiful show.Following pls. see the components and specification:


It can be installed in home as home theatre, as display in high-end hotels, in shopping malls, meeting rooms, as replacement for monitoring room projection, and as replacement for all DLP!

                             Location:  Shanxi Boyuan 
                             Size:6 Sqm  
                             Completion Date:August,2016 

                              Location:  Shanghai Jinshan
                             Size:38 Sqm  
                             Completion Date:August,2016
                              Location:  TIanjin 
                             Size:30 Sqm  
                             Completion Date:October,2016

So what are you waiting for. Pick up your phone and call one of associate to know more about the promotion. This a time bound promotion and will expire on May 31, 2017.

 For more information about the offer/promotion, please contact one of our sales representatives, or write to us on sales@qiangliled.com

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