Higher brightness vs perfect brightness for Digital Signage

Date: 2017-05-02
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Retailers, banks, schools and other institutions are all using digital screens in street-level windows to convey highly visible, impactful messaging. However, getting it right involves much more than just putting a big display in a window.

Sunny environments require high brightness digital signage displays, with a luminance of at least 2,000 cd/m2, in order to ensure messaging is not washed out. Any brightness which is above or equal to 5000 cd/m2 is well suited for every sunny environment. But still some clients require higher brightness for their LED displays with expectation for attracting more target customers, which actually shorten LED display’s life cycle.

To give you an example, let’s make an experiment in lab to create LED display situation as below:

When the power is turned all the way to the side where it has a resistance of near 0Ω, the LED shines the brightest because the circuit has the least amount of resistance at this point. Now as we begin turning the power to the other side so that its resistance begins to increase, the LED begins getting dimmer and dimmer until it finally goes out completely.

The reason we have the 470Ω resistor in the circuit is when the power is turned on, the LED isn't blown out. If the 470Ω resistor wasn't  applied, the resistance of the circuit would be extremely low, thus a high current would be produced in the circuit. The current would be too great for the LED to handle and would blow out the LED.
So when you’re persuaded to purchase a high brightness LED screen, it means the resistor value in the circuit had been reduced by the supplier, so that higher current reaches the LED Lamps and thus giving you higher brightness.

But do you really need so much Brightness .The reality is -- you don’t need high brightness for LED display because:

1.       Higher brightness would cause tremendous negative impact for the environment in the form of higher power consumption. Aren’t you selecting an LED display which care more about environment and saving power bill for you?

2.    Many countries and cities have clearly mandated for amount of light a digital signage can imitate. More than the said brightness will result in cancellation of digital signage contact.

       (≥5500 cd/m2 application)                     (≥7000 cd/m2 application)

3. Since high brightness is due to higher power to LED lamps, there is 100% chances the failure of LED lamps in short time. Do you want your led display to pay you for many years or you want it to fail in short time resulting in monetary loss for you?

What you need now is  smart LED display which comes in form of  Qiangli DIP Q10  LED Module  with perfect brightness of 6000cd/㎡and power saving of 10% against other high brightness modules. Qiangli Q10 DIP module with a brightness of 6000cd/m2 is well within norm for most of developed and developing country mandate for digital signage.

Xiamen Qiangli Q10 with perfect brightness of 6000cd/㎡ and power saving of 10%  is your perfect choice for digital signage for a  brighter day. We are offering our DIP Q10 at jaw dropping promotion price as never seen before. In Qiangli it’s our endeavour to provide you with best product at best price.
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