Qiangli Jucai Maiden entrance into Saharaland

Date: 2017-04-25
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International Marketing and Sales Centre Report
Tue. Apr.11, 2017.
“The desert, when the sun comes up...I couldn't tell where heaven stopped and the Earth began.”
 In Algeries capital of Algeria Qiangli Joined hand with local distributor to bring the sun up on the LED market scene through SICOM 2017.

 SICOM is among the largest exhibition for technology related product in North Africa. This year it was attended by 153 exhibitors  and around 26000 professional visitor visited the exhibition. The Qiangli along with local distributor were represented by 2 beauty of P4 in shape of 7*3 and 3*1.5m.Qianglijucai beauty were equipped with HD high order PWM driver IC with refresh rate higher than or equal to 3840Hz. With no water ripple and gray scale processing depth of 14-16Bit, the picture color was smooth, and display gave clear and comfortable viewing. The screen can be used to cover transportation sector, education and training sector, stage entertainment, public health, retail, commercial, financial, government and other fields.

Apart from showcasing our product Qiangli Jucai along with local distributor also offered information for the attendees on the subject of LED software & Processor applications, color calibration techniques and smart & simple work handling of LED display. Qiangli Jucai Along with local distributor reported on the subject of screen & quality understanding, how to resolve workplace screen problems and maintenance program on LED screen.

Algeria was our first stop in our push towards West. You will be now regularly keep seeing brilliant performance of Qiangli Jucai LED screen in coming times.