Rental LED wall training & workshop program In Cochin, India

Date: 2017-04-10
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International Marketing and Sales Centre Report
Tue. Mar.7, 2017.
COCHIN, KERALA, INDIA -Xiamen Qiangli Jucai joined efforts with Hawaii LED, our local distributor, and Nova to start a new approach for releasing new products in March 7, 2017 in Cochin, Kerala, India. This is the first time for both our partners to make such a cooperation. Nova, our important strategic partner offered information for the attendees on the subject of LED software & Processor applications, color calibration techniques and smart & simple work handling in the morning session.

 In afternoon session Qiangli Jucai and Hawaii LED reported on the subject of screen & quality understanding, how to resolve workplace screen problems and maintenance program on LED screen.

This was followed with Q&A Session and round table conference in evening session to exchanged information on the on rental industry challenges, handling challenging installations, operator shortage, and credit & price issues.

 Qiangli Jucai Distributor product and technology department conference with our local distributor enabled our clients to enhance brand awareness and understand that Qiangli Jucai is not just only about module business, but also about trust and quality business and offer the best customer experience.

The seminar was conducted on Qiangli Jucai D3.91 pitch Indoor LED screen. Equipped with HD high order PWM driver IC with refresh rate equal to 3840Hz.With no water ripple, and  gray scale processing depth of 14-16Bit, the picture color was more smooth/fine and was greatly appreciated by the attendees and shown faith by signing of 210 cabinet order in the seminar.
The screen can be used to cover transportation sector, education and training sector, stage entertainment, public health, retail, commercial, financial, government and other fields.
Qiangli Jucai Jucai, Brilliant performance.