Date: 2017-02-24
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2017-02-20  QIANGLI JUCAI

On February 15-18, 2017 Guangzhou Isle exhibition held in Grand Hall of Canton Fair, witnessed a gathering of nearly 1600 industry elite enterprises. The exhibition, which was lively and extraordinary, attracted a large number of professional visitors. Due to our already large-scale and strong brand recall awareness in the domestic market, we broke the normal procedure in this exhibition. Qiangli Jucai only set up a booth to showcase our foreign trade expertise, as It is our determination to be the international brand.

Foreign trade exhibition hall, International integration

You can feel an air of “international style” when you come into the hall 10.2 booth A03. The saxophone with melodious sound, a variety of cocktails with unique flavor on the colorful bar, which was made up of our high-definition T1.66 with 2053 high refresh IC.    

You were right. This was Qiangli Jucai at ISLE 2017.Unlike, last year, Qiangli Jucai decided to try unusual way and set up only foreign trade exhibition booth. From booth design to customer reception, we offered high international standards. We were flooded with so many foreigner visitors to have a look at our various high quality D391, T1.66 Models .This exhibition once again demonstrated Qiangli Jucai international standards, and our determination and courage to be the international brand!
Modern stylish, ultimate experience
The bright spot was Qianglijucai high density T1.66 "bar" display, offering a display effect of Ultra HD, vivid images, and truly realized high fresh rate. The T1.66 "bar" display, whose refresh rate was above 3840Hz, was well embedded in the bar to create a harmony with the main melody of our whole design. It followed international norm and provided visitors with a cocktail party feeling.

In order to let visitors become more relaxed, Qianglijucai sales, technical personnel and after-sale service personnel dedicated themselves to the ultimate product and service experience. Thus, attracting many customers to our booth to
See a dazzling product show, listen to a melodious Saxophone, and taste a cocktails with unique flavor, and enjoy professional team service,

In this exhibition, Qiangli Jucai again gained the industry countless praise and everyone took notice of our international creative exhibition design and service. Qiangli Jucai pursue innovation and breakthrough continuously, and it’s our endeavor to create a best exhibition experience for customers every year. With a perfect ending, Guangzhou show also marks the beginning of a new journey of 2017, Qiangli Jucai will continue westward, and strive to be the best terminal brands and the most outstanding international LED display brands in our industry!

Qiangli Jucai, Brilliant performance!