Amazing, this product is so attractive!

Date: 2016-11-16
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Qiangli Jucai recently launched a new SMD outdoorP10 two-color module. This product at first glance, you may mistakenly believe that it belongs to  high-end series of  S10, because the product  uses the same kinds of bottom shell, mask with S10,  texture heavy, superb technology, and excellent display, which can be called the aristocracy in SMD outdoorP10 double color module.

Compared with DIP products, this SMD outdoor P10 two-color module adopts SMD lamp and production technology, which improves its effect. 

And ordinary SMD two-color product can only display two color color,  while Qiangli Jucai SMD outdoorP10 two-color module achieves the same unit board can be a perfect display of red, green, blue, yellow, Green, magenta 6 colors, the users can match the color through their favors, showing more diverse to use in wider application areas.


Take a closer look, you will find its bottom shell has six holes, also known as drainage holes, they can effectively reduce the phenonenmon  because the steel structure and other problems resulte in module damage which are caused by water infiltration.

In order to enhance the bearing capacity of products and improve the performance of protective products, the product uses the thicker shell , and to be used to strengthen the construction mechanics reinforcement design, so that product is no longer subject to display area constraints.

In the mask surface, this product has done enough effort, using  precise stripe pattern to ensure that the product's light contrast is optimalin a variety of environment.

Moreover, the circuit board of this product adopts professional layout design, which prolongs the service life of components such as lamp and chip to the maximum extent; and adopts conventional general power and signal interface mode without any local, environment and control system and so on, can easily carry out various types of display equipment, storage, connection and installation operations.

Therefore, this new SMD outdoorP10 two-color module will create a more extreme LED display experience to you !