General Manager: Mr.David Xu(Xu Hui Neng): An Analysis on LED display industry brand and channel

Date: 2016-12-19
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    The annual LED display industry summit event and awards ceremony which was sponsored by Qiangli Jucai for continous 6 years , hold in Shenzhen St. Regis Hotel on December 13 afternoon,  Hundreds of LED screen enterprises, industry quality business leaders, experts and scholars, well-known media, a total of more than 400 people took part in the meeting. 

    Since the start of the event,Qiangli Jucai has become the exclusive title of enterprises for 5 consecutive years, having a profound understanding to HC brand event , and achieved a win-win cooperation. As we all know, over the years, Qiangli Jucai focuses on channel, obtained significant results, For LED display industry to build the channel construction of the road, Mr. David Xu(Xu Huineng), the general manager of the Qiangli Jucai, shares the experience to the participants in event and awards ceremony.

The following is the text of the speech:
     Ladies and Gentlemen, Good afternoon!
     I rarely participate in such activities,I am very grateful to HC to give me the opportunity to talk with you about the topic in the industry, From the beginning of the year to the end of the year, this year passed quickly, I feel it necessary for Qiangli Jucai having such an opportunity to communicate with you about the LED display industry so-called channels. I think the channel is a false proposition, we have been quarreling a false proposition, why say that? Because we LED industry from the beginning of the birth of the day there is a channel, to today there are channels to tomorrow there will be channels, sales channels as long as the existence will never die, we can not because we see a way to deny the channel In the past. For example, bidding, because the product characteristics of the past, as well as our understanding of the industry's products and consumer awareness brought about by a better way may be with the development of products, with the application of the growing demand , With the want to enjoy the display customer demand more and more channels in the past can not meet the LED industry, the development of the industry, so it came into being a new channel approach.
    Our industry to see the success of the new channel approach suddenly out of context - to do channels, we have to do channels. how can that be possible? Did not we eat in the past? Today, we suddenly said to eat. Since we have to say channels, I just share with you channels, drainage is what channel? Channel is nothing less than the communication between manufacturers and customers, communication distance, communication skills or communication surface, because of the way it will have a "Qu"(means drain in the whole business), and some "
Qu" is very long, some very short, and some open to eat 3 years, some 3 years really do not open. Choose any way of the drainage itself is not right and wrong, for example, a business, we determined to do fine, only a year to do a screen, but this screen may be the Olympic Games project, this screen may allow me to operate this business down no problem, who can say that this way there is a problem? I think this way is not wrong in itself, because he only met a feature, but he must be able to feed a business.
    Qiangli Jucai will meet many, many customers, Qiangli Jucai wants to meet more customers, such as rural customers, such as cities and counties in the customer, such as the provincial capital, the city's customers, I need to broaden my channels, What's wrong with the way? Also not wrong. The biggest problem may be the result is not the same, the choice itself is not right or wrong, just care about you do not insist on it. Line out of the champion, all roads lead to Rome, which way you can, but whether you are willing to adhere to.
    Today, many people say that Qiangli Jucai is to do the channel, I want to follow him to do the channel, I would like to ask,  what were you doing in the past? In the past you did not do the channel?Qiangli Jucai next year may do the terminal channel, is it our distribution channels have to do it again? Not entirely. 
"Qu" is just one way.
    Now I want to tell you the real "Dao"(means the way and virture to do the business), no matter which way it is not important, it is important that it can give consumers a better experience,Now we through the poor price war repeatedly competing channels, I see more in the fight for the "Qu" it, and no one to fight the "Dao", the market needs more of your network layout, from scratch , From there to strong, from strong to brand recognition, in this process, the most primitive natural demand will be excited out. “Dao” is that you can give customers with excellent pre-sale, sale, after-sale to consumers, you will be able to expand your market, which is not used to grab, and this is I want to tell you today, compared "Qu" to "Dao" , I think "Dao" is more important than "Qu", especially in our industry.Qiangli Jucai will pay more attention to "Dao“

    In the process of competiting for the channel, we fight to  the channel, and will eventually find that it is only a ditch, if not  understand the movement principle of the ditch, ultimately we will find that too many of our industry too short-lived , Who surging today, tomorrow's new surging again in the past out of the alternative, the Yangtze River after the waves push forward.I think there are "Dao" must have "Qu", as long as the efforts in this direction to do, there will be a return on efforts, because we are not competing for others bowl of cake, we are common to make this industry cake bigger, in this process, we benign competition to win a little more than the market share of others,
    I think that "Pin"(means business ethic) is a responsibility, is a virtue, is engaged in the field of commercialization as the highest pursuit, which is a responsibility. Any deviation from this business behavior, he will eventually get consumers vocal opposition, and our industry really have a "Pin", more of a product understanding, understanding of the service. And what is "Pai" ? "Brand" is the visibility and awareness, is the brand equity. we divided  "Pai"into three stages:in this industry  First, the industry's "Pai"; Second, the channel's "Pai". Third,is the terminal "Pai".What is the industry's "Pai"? We all know who is who, I know what you take the brand, which is what we say everyone in the industry awareness. Does the channel really know? Not necessarily, the channel is wider, because it is your next customer recognition of you, he is your downstream and upstream support for you, this is a brand. The bigger brand is every consumer to use your product, enjoy your service to get the most intuitive feel.
   I want to share Qiangli Jucai's concept of the brand with you, we think from the beginning to end, "Pin"is more important than "Pai"  , no matter how good the brand if there is no ethic to support, it  also deso not long. From the LED industry, the development of the past decade, how many people had the scenery, how many people have been submerged in the smoke of history, and ultimately come to a conclusion, "Pai" is only temporary, "Pin" is forever. Therefore, Qiangli Jucai will follow the way of "Pin”.

    Today I am very happy to share the Qiangli Jucai's experience to everyone, Qiangli Jucai's mode is very simple, from the pursuit of the industry brand to the channel brand, from the channel brand to the terminal brand, Screen, with the rest assured,  Qiangli Jucai believes that as long as the buy, the market will expand tenfold, we believe that as long as you can afford, there will be more people willing to buy. we also believe that as long as the rest assured buy, the industry will be evergreen.
    But this thing is not the most important,  Qiangli Jucai believes that only the tireless pursuit of customers satisfaction, to give them ultimate experience is the most important, of course, we think that more importantly, Qiangli Jucai is willing to share these experiences, these  skills I think these things to you. And  the most important thing is that Qiangli Jucai have a pursuit of the healthy development of the heart.
    Thank you for all of you.