Environmentally Friendly LED lighting Become a General Trend

Date: 2016-11-15
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What is suitable for the green life of the lamp? It must be longer than the incandescent life, energy-saving lamps than the more energy-saving, the answer is certain to come out, that is LED lamps.

LED lamps is a new trend, irrespective of the introduction of new policies, or people green energy-saving needs of life, bid farewell to incandescent just around the corner. Closely follow the international trend of development, and give full consideration to China's local characteristics, to create home decoration decorative and practical integration, which not only has been recognized by consumers, but also to many franchisees have found the potential market investment projects .

In the impression of many people, the city only reinforced concrete and automobile exhaust taste. Therefore,  people living in the city are more longing for green living, and home life is an integral part of which is inseparable. Like LED lamps, it is the love of choice. As we all know, the traditional incandescent light service life of only 1000 hours, although the production cost is relatively low, but as a waste treatment, is a pollution, the environment will easily lead to immeasurable impact, while its high infrared components on the human body Of the radiation. LED lamps are not, according to professionals, LED lamp life of up to 50,000 hours, is more than 50 times the ordinary incandescent light is more than 10 times the fluorescent lamp. LED light source does not contain mercury, the beam does not contain ultraviolet, infrared radiation, soft light, no noise, is conducive to the protection of vision and good health.

LED lamps with energy efficient, high luminous efficiency, low power consumption, long life, light color pure, high stability, safety, environmental protection and many other traditional light source incomparable superiority, is a low-carbon, green, environmentally friendly lighting technology, is recognized as the 21st century, one of the most promising high-tech fields.