Qiangli Jucai is Becoming More and More Powerful

Date: 2016-11-11
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700 million, that the amount of the 3535 lamps that we used to produce led modules last month. Many series of our outdoor LED modules are made using these 3535 lamps, including: A10,A8,A6,S16,S10,S8,S6.66,S6,X10,X8,X6 as well as X10-A,X8-A,X6-A.

Kunming New Asia Gym Outdoor LED S Series --202㎡

Dongying Commodity City Outdoor LED S Series -- 150㎡ 

Quality first is our Motto. We knows well what quality of the led modules means to us,you will find the answer in our S series and X series – We use Nationstar goldwire/copper Frame lamps in S series and Kinglight lamps in the X series

Sichuan Dazhou Outdoor LED S series -80㎡

Xinjiang Outdoor LED S Series --100㎡

We plan to use 1 billion LED lamps per month from existing 700 million to increases the production of our LED modules to meet the developing demand.