Subvert your imagination, LED immersive display is so cool

Date: 2020-07-24
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In recent years, immersive scenes have attracted much attention in the fields of display, exhibition, entertainment, etc. It brings people a sense of immersive space through the super-long extension of vision, so that people can get shocking, exciting, Incredible experience. The LED display can build a super-large screen, and can achieve high-definition resolution, thus becoming the main display solution for creating immersive scenes.

With strong brand strength, excellent product performance, high cost performance, high-volume off-the-shelf supply, localized services and other advantages, Qiangli Jucai has become a high-quality choice for display solutions such as immersive planning exhibition halls and immersive real-life experiences. Let us take a look Right!

Immersive Planning Exhibition Hall



The immersive space requires a large field of view, high-definition resolution, and a flat and natural display, allowing people to be in it to produce a strong sense of immersion and substitution. The many characteristics and characteristics of LED display screens just meet the needs of immersive space construction.

Large display with small modules

LED display module can be easily and flexible to be assemble.Therefore,the screen can be made large or small In immersive scenes. The screen can be assembled according to requirements thus effectively extending the visual space and bringing stunning visual effects.


HD high brush to create realistic scenes

For an immersive space that is immersive, the resolution of the picture viewed at close range must be high enough. Qiangli Jucai fullcolor indoor  products form pixel 0.8 to 2mm models can meet the needs of close-range high-definition pictures.Q Pro series and S series products are equipped with PWM-SS dual energy-saving driver IC, with refresh rate ≥ 3840Hz thus creating no  water ripples when taking pictures and Create natural and realistic scenes for immersive experience.



Embrace new technologies, expand new experiences

As a display terminal, LED large display can embrace 5G, AI, VR, touch and other technical achievements, break the viewer's inherent impression of immersive experience, and develop  a more diverse and interactive direction.

Under the development trend of continuous innovation of LED large display technology, the application scenarios are infinitely expanded, and the prospects in the field of immersive experience display are infinite, promising!