Indoor P2 LED Display Module

Short Description:

Main Specification
Pixel Pitch: 2 mm
Module Size: 320*160 mm
Resolution: 160*80 dots
LED: SMD1515
Brightness: ≥450 nits
Max Current: ≤5 A
Pixel Density: 250000 dots/㎡
Refresh Rate: ≥3840 Hz
Port: HUB75E

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Remarks & Key Precautions

1.For indoor Q2 E, pixel is relative small, we suggest to go with 640*480mm MG cabinet, suggestion cabinet model is QM-Pro-2.
2.Indoor Q2 E uses HUB75E, and there is only input port, not output port.
3.Temperature requirement:

  • 1) Operating temperature range: -20℃-40℃ other temperature range, need to install temperature control equipment.
  • 2) Lamp surface temperature(working period): ≤60℃, temperature control equipment is required to be installed when temperature exceeding the standard.

4.Humidity requirement:

  • 1) Storage humidity range: 10% RH-60% RH, humidity over 60% RH requires dehumidification treatment.
  • 2) Operating humidity range: 10% RH-65% RH, If the humidity exceeds the standard, it must be dehumidified before it can be used normally.

5.Keep away from water: Indoor products have low level of protection, water can make the module short circuit, and leads to circuit device damage, so it is necessary to keep away from the water source.
6.Different batches of products cannot be installed in the same screen, otherwise there will be color blocks (mosaic) on the display.
7.The indoor full-color display has a clearer and more delicate effect, and the resolution can reach above 1080P; achieves high refresh rate, high grayscale and higher lamp utilization; no residual image, anti-’ caterpillar’, low power consumption, low glitch and other functions;
8.humidity is higher than 65%RH or wet weather, the use of the environment for dehumidification treatment, and it is recommended that the normal use of more than 8H every day, and close the relevant doors and Windows at night, to prevent the display screen damp caused bad.


Q2 E, Human Resource and Social Security Administration, 11.45sqm

Q2 E, Human Resource and Social Security Administration, 11.45sqm

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