Indoor P1 Ultra HD LED Display Module

Short Description:

Main Specification
Pixel Pitch: 1mm
Module Size: 320*160mm
Resolution: 320*160 dots
LED: SMD0808
Brightness: ≥500nits
Max Current: ≤9A
Pixel Density: 1000000 dots/㎡
Refresh Rate: ≥3840Hz
Port: HUB320

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1.Indoor Q1 Pro module is ultra fine pixel LED module, so it should go with MG cabinet, cabinet model is QM-Pro-0.
2.For Indoor Q1 Pro LED module, we also have aluminum shell Q1 Pro-MAX solution for choice. For details, please check with our sales.
3.Indoor Q1.3 Pro uses HUB320, and there is only input port, not output port.
4.Temperature requirement:

  • 1) Operating temperature range: -20℃-40℃ other temperature range, need to install temperature control equipment.
  • 2) Lamp surface temperature(working period): ≤60℃, temperature control equipment is required to be installed when temperature exceeding the standard.

5.Humidity requirement:

  • Storage humidity range: 10% RH-60% RH, humidity over 60% RH requires dehumidification treatment.

6.Keep away from water: Indoor products have low level of protection, water can make the module short circuit, and leads to circuit device damage, so it is necessary to keep away from the water source.
7.Electro-static protection: The worker must wear an anti-electrostatic wrist strap and anti- electrostatic glove. Various tools must be strictly grounded during assembly. with the product must be equipped with electrostatic bracelet and electrostatic gloves, maintenance and installation of the use of various power tools must be strictly grounded.
9.If problems are found, they need to be dealt with in time to reduce the impact of the humid environment on the display.


Q0.8 Pro, Police Station, 15.36sqm

Q0.8 Pro, Police Station, 15.36sqm

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