Glasses-free 3D Solution

With the popularization of the LED screen, demands for visual experience become higher and higher in territories like exhibition, entertainment and stage art.This higher demands promotes the innovation of LED screen shape and display ways.

Outdoor glasses-free 3D is one of the most popular among them. The vivid display effect brings higher advertising revenue to business. The glasses-free 3D, as a new way for advertising, will undoubtedly thrive in the near future.

Solution Overview

Topological diagram of the solution

Topological diagram of the solution

Solution Interpretation:


LED right-angle screen with arc

Topological diagram of viewing angle


1. Customized 3D video material

The resolution of video is consistent with that of the whole LEDdisplay screen to achieve point-to-point playback, without deformation or distortion of the image, and therefore to ensure display quality from the root.

2. Professional video processor

Professional video processor presents images with more intuitive, more comprehensive and clearer demonstration effect, which not only allows people to watch more accurately and comprehensively in real time, but also to gain all aspects of information at the same time.


Solution information

For example:

①Screen information: outdoor Q4, resolution 3200*1200
②Display information: point- to- point display
③3D video material
④Controllers selection:

Product photo

Product name


Product photo (1)

X4S (2.6 million-maximum input resolution 1920*1200@60Hz)


Product photo (2)

X4E (2.6 million-maximum input resolution 1920*1200@60Hz,
Three pictures, double loop)